Privacy Policy

Our policy regarding privacy 

At Kriyosh Digital media, your trust is everything to us. We give high respect to your privacy, we in facilities protect it with strong encryption software, in addition we obey strict policies that govern how all of your data is handled.

Security and privacy is the major concern of all our software and services. We continuously try to improve our services regarding privacy. We give total assurance to our customers that their personal information is safely secured in our cloud database.

While asking for your personal credentials we always try to tell the customer that what we are going to their personal information. We always ask our customers permission to use their data. We assure you that we never worked with any government agency from any country to create a back in any of our product services. We only allow our trusted professionals to access our servers, who only use the servers in their working hours.

Our commitment to protecting to the privacy comes from their trust that we have built. In our company “Consumer satisfaction is the number one priority”. We always work hard to create a seamless, hassle free user experience.